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Having dealt with a tax firm once before I was critical, but due to my situation I had to try again. Above all, the communication from Honest Tax was great and was the major issue with the previous firm. They resolved my case in about half the time they quoted me for. Very good work.

- Ryan F.

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The Honest Guarantee

Honest Tax’s 10 day Refund Policy applies only to cases that do not require immediate collection responsive action. Immediate collection responsive actions can be defined as cases in which Honest Tax must address cases that have in place, or a threat in place, an IRS or State wage garnishment, bank levy, or a tax lien. Immediate collection action also applies to cases in which an IRS or State Revenue officer has been assigned. As well as cases in which there is a potential that Client’s business is in jeopardy of being shut down, Clients’ assets have been sized, or Client is currently incarcerated due to delinquent taxes. Further, Client understands that Honest Tax’s 10 day refund Policy does not apply to cases in which Honest Tax was retained for audit representation.

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